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Press Release Regarding The Elections Held In Lebanon , 08.06.2009

We welcome that the Lebanese parliamentary elections held yesterday took place in line with democratic values and in a calm environment. We congratulate the Lebanese people who are the actual victors of the elections.

We wish that the election results which reflect the free and democratic will and choice of the Lebanese people will bring lasting calm and stability to the country.

We hope that a government that will contribute to the success of the national dialogue process initiated by President Michel Sleiman on the basis of the agreement reached with the Doha Accord and that will embrace all segments of the Lebanese people, will be formed as soon as possible.

Undoubtedly, lasting stability in Lebanon will have positive repercussions for regional security and stability.

We also welcome that the Turkish electoral monitors who were sent at the request of Lebanon, were able to fulfill their duties in a suitable environment and in full cooperation with the Lebanese authorities. Turkey will continue to support friendly and brotherly Lebanon in every field.